The Production

"Niña Del Tango" is a 25-minute narrative film centered around the Argentine tango. With a production based in Hollywood, this cinematic work was created by a cast and crew of passionate young adults. The film was completed in May 2012 and, after exclusive premieres in Los Angeles and New York City, it was accepted into numerous worldwide festivals, including two Oscar® qualifying festivals. Nathan Hartman wrote the screenplay, Edward Wintle produced, and award-winning filmmaker Jason Eberly directed the film. Carlos Barrionuevo & Mayte Valdes, internationally renowned tango dancers, starred in the picture. John Bucher served as executive producer under his Sideshow Media Group banner. Please visit the IMDb title page for a complete cast and crew list.

The Story

When a gallery painting catches the eye of a little girl, the curator tells her the story of its origin. Set in 1940s Argentina, the legend involves a painter, his muse, and the Tango—a dance that brought them together and threatened to tear them apart. A rousing melodrama of love and dance, “Niña Del Tango” is brought to vivid life through the talents of tango superstars and award-winning filmmakers. Read more »

The Extras

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